Rogue’s Februwriting Challenge

THE CHALLENGE Through the month of February, we are challenging you to 1) Write 15,000 words in 29 days, 2) Write/Edit/Create 30 minutes per day, or 3) Create Your Own Goal. Because the goals are flexible, you may join any time throughout the month!

Monthly Challenge : Rogue’s March of the Words

The challenge's flexible goal options: 1) Write 15,500 words in 31 days (approximately 500 words per day), 2) Write/Edit/Create for 30 minutes per day, or 3) Devise Your Own Goal! Please announce your goal to the group. This step helps to commit you to the challenge and increases your chances of success.

Games & Words with Bread

Come play, write, and bake with us! All day March 17th (all time zones) the Rogue Writers will play games, write, bake, and eat yummy baked goods together. There is no set schedule to this, as it's meant to be casual, relaxing, fun. Come and go as you please! (We hope to make a regular […]